Lactation may be linked to aggressive cancer in Mexican women

During the four-year Ella Binational Breast Cancer Study, scientists assessed the association between reproductive factors and tumors subtypes in 1,041 Mexican and Mexican-American female cancer patients. The study looked at the occurrence of three tumor subtypes: luminal A, HER2 and triple negative. The luminal tumor starts in the inner cell lining of the mammary ducts […]

Depression Beater: Red Wine?

Put another check in the healthy column for boozing with extreme moderation: A new study published in the journal BMC Medicine found that drinking a glass of wine each day can protect you from depression. How moderate? Quite to extremely moderate, according to the study, with 2-7 small glasses of wine per week demonstrating the strongest […]

“Cloned Horses Are Taking Over the Track”

The American Quarter Horse Association is “the world’s largest equine breed registry.” Now they’re going to get even larger, because a court has ruled they must accept cloned horses’ applications to join their exclusive club. The saga began last August when horse owner Jason Abraham and two of his companies, Abraham & Veneklasen Joint Venture […]

Retraction Expert: Some scientists lie for the “greater good”

It may be true that scientists who fabricate or falsify data believe they know the “right” answer in advance of the data, and that they will soon have the data necessary to support their favored conclusion.  It may therefore seem legitimate to these scientists to engage in misconduct; they are simply saving time.  They may […]

Use of “unauthorized” Vaccine Caused H5N1 Outbreak

BHAKTAPUR: Veterinary doctors today said that use of unauthorised anti-bird flu vaccine imported from abroad could be responsible for bird flu outbreak in the Kathmandu Valley. They claimed that evolution of Nepal-grown strain of bird flu virus was an evidence that unauthorised vaccine was behind the spread of H5N1 virus. According to the experts, bird […]

Dr. Sanjay Gupta: I’m Liking the Weed

Dr. Sanjay Gupta is used to making headlines. The brain surgeon and CNN’s chief medical correspondent can’t even leave his office and walk through CNN Center without tour groups stopping him to take his picture or compliment his work. But this time the intensity of interest in a story he wrote for about how […]

Pew Research Center: 40% of Americans Want to Live Forever

It’s good to see at least some of us have the fight left in us – and want to live forever! Well maybe not forever, but after 120 who’s counting? WASHINGTON – Ninety birthdays maybe, but not 120: Americans hope to stretch life expectancy another decade or so, but they are ambivalent about a fountain […]