More Orange Juice, Less Cancer – But Why?

Overall, the review article summarizes several biological effects of orange juice that can contribute to chemoprevention, including antioxidant, antimutagenic and antigenotoxic, cytoprotective, hormonal, and cell signaling modulating effects. Orange juice has antimicrobial and antiviral action and modulates the absorption of xenobiotics. “OJ could contribute to chemoprevention at every stage of cancer initiation and progression,” the […]

Pycnogenol Goes Gangbusters

The makers of a high-end Kiwi drink designed to combat jetlag and other health risks involved in flying have just closed a $2.4 million investment round. 1Above, which claims to help travellers get off the plane “feeling better than ever before”, has attracted the backing of Trade Me founder Sam Morgan and venture capital investment […]

Eating at the Wrong Time Can Make You Sick

Few environmental factors are as reliable as the 24-hour day, and an evolutionary argument can be made for why the diurnal rhythms of the Earth’s rotation are so coupled with human metabolism. Our behavior, our physiology, and our biochemistry reflect the daily cycles of the planet, and people who fall out of sync with these […]

Researchers: Antibiotics May Cause Autoimmune Disorders

It is thought that our commensal, or friendly, bacteria serve as a kind of lawn that, in commandeering the rich fertilizer that courses through our gut, outcompetes the less-well-behaved pathogenic “weeds.” It has also been suggested that our commensal bugs secrete pathogen-killing factors. Another theory holds that the disruption of our inner microbial ecosystem somehow […]

Depression Beater: Red Wine?

Put another check in the healthy column for boozing with extreme moderation: A new study published in the journal BMC Medicine found that drinking a glass of wine each day can protect you from depression. How moderate? Quite to extremely moderate, according to the study, with 2-7 small glasses of wine per week demonstrating the strongest […]

Research: Compounds in Red Wine and Green Tea are Anti-Bacterials

  A simple kitchen sink experiment helped Northwestern University researchers discover that green tea leaves not only can be used to steep a good cup of tea, but they make an excellent antibacterial coating, too.   And so can red wine, dark chocolate and cacao beans, they found. It’s the powerful and healthful polyphenols at […]

Spain: Pine Bark Extract Goldrush

Normally owners pines are the municipalities, or as in the case of JOCAR, the Community Board. This is the first hurdle that new tappers were found to return to a forgotten activity. Public auction had to push to access the pines, something that was forgotten and what was their reluctance and misgivings, although it mediated the council. “I […]