Illegal buttocks injections kill, maim women

JACKSON, Miss. AP — Women across the U.S. are risking their lives for black market procedures to make their buttocks bigger, often involving home-improvement materials such as silicone injected by people with no medical training. Some want to fill out a bikini or a pair of jeans. Others believe a bigger bottom will bring them […]

Cosmetic, Plastic Surgery or Facelift Works 3 Years, Max

Dr Joshua Zimm Said, they have studied nearly 50 patients who underwent cosmetic surgeries to look younger and took photographs of the patients for before and after comparison. Later on the photos which were taken later were presented in front of experts and researchers who were not familiar with the patient’s medical history. The raters […]

Bird Poop Facials? Unusual Beauty Treatments

Forget collagen injections or seaweed facials. Some beauty regimens use even more unusual ingredients to achieve that perfect, glowing complexion. Across the globe, beauty treatments can include unfamiliar components from bird feces to snails to blood injections, all used for the one goal of keeping the customer looking young and beautiful. But be forewarned: It […]

The Limits of Cosmetic Surgery

Patients who get facial plastic surgery often assume that they will look younger and more appealing afterward. But a new study, the first to try to quantify attractiveness after a face-lift, brow-lift or eyelid surgery, found only a tiny, insignificant increase in attractiveness. The study, published online in JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery on Thursday, also […]