New Jersey: Police May Kill the Non-Responsive

Security cameras captured a disturbing video of a group of Atlantic City police officers assaulting a man, beating him mercilessly with blunt weapons, and finally siccing an attack dog on his neck and head as he lay helplessly face-down in the street. The shocking abuse seems to be done with the approval of the police chief, who watched the video and saw no reason to discipline his officers.

David Connor Castellani, age 20, was removed from the Tropicana Resort and Casino on June 5th for being a few months under age 21. Footage provided by casino showed what happened outside on Pacific Avenue.

Around 3:10 a.m., video shows Castellani surrounded by at least 4 police officers on the sidewalk outside the casino. With his hands raised in the air, officers searched his pockets. They talked to him briefly, and quickly let him go. The video does not include audio of the conversation.

via Gang of Atlantic City officers brutally beat man, release an attack dog to gnaw on his neck | Police State USA.


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