California Scientists Couldn’t Believe That The Continents Move

Real Science

“If we are to believe in Wegener’s hypothesis we must forget everything which has been learned in the past 70 years and start all over again.

Geologist R. Thomas Chamberlain

ScreenHunter_165 May. 12 17.31

Greensburg Daily Tribune – Google News Archive Search

California is a place where you can actually watch the continents move, but despite the abundant and overwhelming evidence for continental drift, the consensus of experts could not accept it.

ScreenHunter_171 May. 13 05.15

ScreenHunter_172 May. 13 05.16

“Utter, damned rot!” said the president of the prestigious American Philosophical Society.

Anyone who “valued his reputation for scientific sanity” would never dare support such a theory, said a British geologist.

further discussion of it merely incumbers the literature and befogs the mind of fellow students.”    Geologist Barry Willis

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