Your thoughts and beliefs affect your biology as much as your DNA does

New Trends in Nutrition


We have been programmed to accept that we are just the consequence of the power of our genes.

The world is filled with people who live in constant fear that their genes are going to turn against them and give them cancer or heart problems because it runs in their family. Of course, there are in fact diseases, like Huntington or cystic fibrosis that are the result of one faulty gene.

But major health diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer are not the result of a single gene but complex interactions among multiple genes and environmental factors.

A revolutionary field in biology called Epigenetics, which literally means “control above genetics” profoundly changed our understanding of how life is controlled.

Researches in this field have proven that environmental influences, including nutrition, stress and emotions can modify those genes without changing their basic blueprint. These modifications can also be passed on…

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