Witchcraft As “Medicine” in Nigeria

It is very imperative for parents to know their children’s psychology as this is one of the roles of parents. While naturing the child. Children that are growing up should be under the proper surveillance of the parents. So that the child will not go astray in life.

What is psychology? According to is the scientific study of human mind and its function, especially those affecting behaviour in a given contenxt, Or the mental characteristics or attitude of a person or group. For a parent to be able to understand their children psychology there is the need for such parent to understand the concept of psychology in relation to children as this will help them ascertain the mental states and processes of their children.

The understanding of children psychology presents a procedure for assessing the qualitative nature of the infant mother attachment relationship application from age 11-18 month, and possibly up to 24 month hence it is with the help of child psychology (behaviour) that a parent can know what their child is capable of.

Zodia sings are also believed to be responsible for children’s behaviour. Zodiac sings are astrologycal signs which represents twelve equal segments or divisions of the zodiac.

According to astrology, celestial phenomena reflect, nearly every one has heard of these signs of tha Zodiac mostly through signs of astrology column where the sings are taken as the major determinant of the personality . It is also believed that zodiac sings can also influence a child behaviour.
A Brief Summary Of All Zodiac Signs

Via – http://nigerianobservernews.com/12082013/features/features4.html

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