More People Than Ever Choose Wine Over Beer


Choosing between wine and beer for any occasion has always been a fun and fiery subject for debate, even if beer is preferred by most drinking Americans. But in recent years, wine has become a part of the American way of life more than ever before. According to Gallup’s annual Consumption Habits poll, Americans now prefer wine just as much as they prefer beer.

Overall, beer’s popularity has been on the decline since 1992, while wine has seen growth in popularity. In the latest poll, 36 percent of respondents preferred beer while 35 percent favored wine. In 1992, 47 percent of the nation preferred beer, while 27 percent of the nation preferred wine.

The most pronounced shift came from those under 30 years old. The latest poll found that only 41 percent of respondents favor beer, compared to 71 percent who preferred it in 1992. Meanwhile, their preference for wine rose from 14 percent to 24 percent.

via More People Than Ever Choose Wine Over Beer: Did Wine’s Health Benefits Win Over Drinkers? : Consumer News : Medical Daily.

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